Monday, January 9, 2012

(G)love, actually

Top tips for evening wear and accessories this winter party season

Whilst the Little Black Dress might be the easy go-to option, don’t be afraid to throw caution to the wind and have some fun. When it comes to parties and the party season, many brands have really guzzled up catwalk trends for jewel tones and deep colours.

Stores such as Coast have a range of the kind of evening dresses which suit this retro-inspired trend for a more formal, colour-rich kind of outfit. The Allure Dress is an interesting combination of several trends – and preferences –at once.

Available in ruby red, black and rich jade, as well as in Midi, Short and Maxi lengths, it offers flexibility depending on the customer rather than the occasion. Ladies channeling old-school Chanel, Lanvin and Dior: don’t stop with a jewel-toned dress.

The Allure Short Dress from Coast

One of the great delights of going for a full-length maxi rather than a more playful mid-length dress, is that it offers you the chance to be more bold and make stronger statements. Glamour is easiest to achieve with this spirit.

Why not combine a floor-length rub red dress with arm-length gloves, in suede or sheer lace? Maxi dresses need little more accessories than that: boom, one more big statement. Don’t worry about necklaces and other things, you want the dress to be the centre of attention.

The next step is simply to let your hair and make-up follow the same line of elegance – long and swept over one shoulder, or shorter and piled asymmetrically to one side. Then this season’s must-have party accessory – the pillar-box red lip – to finish.

If you’re looking for something not quite so vintage, the 1960s-inspired colour-blocking, two-tone and graphic monochrome dresses are a fantastic option, coming in delicate tunic and skater-style cuts that flatter the waist and make the legs longer and freer.

Black and white monochrome shapes (vertical stripes or diagonals always preferable) also solve the tights problem: they beg for thick black opaque tights and some chunky suede wedges, so you don’t need to um and ahh over whether to go for sheer or nude.